With a modular approach to open plan benching, LaCOUR furniture systems arrive factory assembled virtually eliminating installation time and cost. From community touchdown stations, through collaborative, concentrative workspaces to high density technology and trading clusters; all interchangeable on the fly without dismantling or disconnecting existing raceway core, power or data.


An open collaborative environment that accommodates varying user groups’ needs using standalone, modular vertebrae to form an interconnected spinal column.

  • Available integrated MonoBeam center spline.
  • 1 ¼” thick work surfaces with a variety of cable management cord drop features.
  • High capacity Cablofil® cable trays for any power/data cable distribution scenario.
  • Available plug & play modular power harness systems.
  • Available desktop power/data/audio convenience centers.
  • Various available file and storage options.
  • All available in a variety of color, finishes and materials that fit your design intent.

Beyond the Status Quo

We are committed to a modular approach to contract furniture by leveraging the efficiencies of factory assembled product in order to simplify delivery & installation time as well as cost.