“Must-Have” Features for Trading Desks and Open Office Benching


Regardless of the decision you make for your office or workplace, it’s not enough to just pick the Trading Desk. There are many other qualities that are instrumental in ensuring convenience, efficiency, and proper postural health. Here are a few of those features that should be a consideration before determining your workspace needs.

Firstly, being able to adjust the height of your various components is extremely important for proper posture and comfort. Chairs and monitors can be altered to a certain extent, but that doesn’t change the fact that you will be spending much of your time in the same position. To remain efficient, it is important that you have a certain level of comfort throughout the day. One solution is to ensure your table can adjust for height, allowing it to function as a standing desk as well. This is a simple solution that can make all the difference to your employees.

Secondly, it’s vital to make sure that whatever desk you’re buying is compatible with a variety of cables and equipment. Nothing is worse than having a tangle of cables running across or under your table, especially if you’re using several different monitors at once. Even worse would be if you were required to move or adjust any of this equipment. Desks that already come with openings and systems to handle cable management will not only look more esthetically pleasing, but also simplify and save time throughout the year, especially during adjustment and transition.

Lastly, the inclusion of an adjustable monitor arm is something that everyone should consider. With greater flexibility, this feature not only allows you to add equipment to your workspace, but it encourages proper posture and ease of mobility. It also opens up the surface area of the desk to allow more usable space.

Regardless of the desk you choose, these small but simple solutions can make a big difference to the efficiency of your workforce.

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