Less Is More with the Little Black Desk


When it comes to office workstations, it’s easy for people to go overboard accessorizing their space. It might be accurate to think that selecting the biggest, best, most feature-laden workstation is paramount for creating productive workspaces. But sometimes a combination of these feature rich desks with other simple desks is an important consideration! Take a second and contemplate the age old saying “less is more.” A minimalistic approach to office furniture can be a great way to provide flexible workspaces to employees or subcontractors for a variety of situations, and yet they still combine the most important features and benefits a desk should offer. Here are a few advantages to adding these simpler desks in your office.

For one, these types of tables are economical and flexible for any kind of office situation. Unlike larger and niche workstations, these desks are suitable for any office environment and are flexible enough that they can be arranged in a variety of different ways depending on your office needs. From multi-user work surfaces, where several employees or contractors can use the space as needed, to isolated workstations for privacy; you create the environment you need, and the little black desk will play its role in that occasion.

Despite their simplicity, these tables still come with many ideal features and benefits. For instance, the little black desk still has the power height adjustable worktop that is designed for comfort and productivity. Sturdy steel columns and foot support offer structure and simple assembly, as well as a pull-out work surface with cable tray access and other important cable support options including a drop grommet cable manager will help keep things organized. The best part is these are all standard features.

If you’re looking for some basic and essential workstations for your office, the little black desk is a nice addition to any space.

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