What Is Contract Furniture?


Have you ever come across the term “contract furniture” and wondered what that exactly means? If you are unfamiliar with it, you are absolutely not alone as this term is used in multiple ways in the industry and it is also often misperceived by the people interpreting it. The point is, contract furniture has often been shrouded in confusion.

But What Exactly Is Contract Furniture And Where It Is Used?

In its simplest terms, it is the type of furniture that is used for commercial purposes. First and foremost, it is designed and manufactured from durable materials to withstand the heavy use associated with a contract or commercial setting. It is often used in areas such as hotels, educational institutions, restaurants, hospitals, airports, and of course our favorite, the office.

What Makes Contract Furniture Unique?

Well, it’s engineering including advantages such as strength, durability, stability and weight-bearing qualities, set it apart from furniture for residential use or other similar settings; contract furniture is engineered to meet industry standards as it undergoes stringent testing and certification processes, which gives confidence in the product purchase.

Contract furniture is usually sold by a dealer or manufacturer who understands the diverse range of business needs and expectations. When it comes to furnishing the entire contract setting, businesses should consider making an agreement with a company that can supply all the needs for the office.

Common Misconceptions About Contract Furniture

It is a common fallacy that the term Contract Furniture means you are leasing or renting the products, rather than purchasing them outright. Although this is a possible financing model in some cases, that is an incorrect definition for the term outlined.

Benefits of Contract Furniture?

  • It serves for a longer period of time, which means you don’t have to buy new furniture every few years
  • It can accommodate people of all weights and sizes, without showing drastic signs of wear and tear
  • It allows for higher frequency of use and although will eventually need replacement, lasts much longer than average furniture

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Beyond the Status Quo

We are committed to a modular approach to contract furniture by leveraging the efficiencies of factory assembled product in order to simplify delivery & installation time as well as cost.